Follow Up / Thank You

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude, for the overwhelming support I have received on my newly found mission for equality at WWHS.  Initially I had shown an administrator my article when I did he quote “tremendously objected’” to it and was utterly offended by what I had to say.  My only resolution was to spread the word and hope others who have also been wronged would speak their minds, at least fifty other peers have contacted me with their unconditional support and personal experiences, and for that I will be forever grateful.

This case surpasses the students who on that day decided to voice their Islamophobic remarks in the hallway, and proceeds into how it was inappropriately surpassed as simply “disrespectful conduct”- a level one offense.  When according to policy racial, religious, ethic, and sexual orientation discrimination is at minimum level 3 offense.  Not to mention one of the persons handling my case knew all of the offenders on a first name basis, and when asked about it grew defensive and overly aggressive with me.

I strongly urge anyone who has faced ANY kind of discrimination at Woodrow Wilson High School to contact me at or Rajon Staunton via twitter (@restaunton) as we will gladly represent you in our case.

Again, thank you all for the overwhelming support as we try to undergo an investigation into discrimination at WWHS.

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